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Mr. Reiner Seel, -- in the following also the advisor --
Diploma Business Administration

Date of birth: December 25, 1961

Residence:     Bangkok (Thailand)

Qualification: German Public Auditor (License-No.:  121431500)
                      German Tax Consultant (Register-No.: 140783)

Activities:      Preparation of financial statements and conduct of compliance audits as well as 
                      give tax advice due to German law including related double tax treaties  
                      with focus on Germany and Thailand. 

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In Details:    

The advisor has a Diploma in Business Administration (Major in Accounting), obtained in 1991 from the college of higher education in Mainz (Germany), is qualified as a Certified Tax Consultant in Germany in 1997 and Public Accountant in Germany in 2000. He was authorized to conduct external quality control in 2003 und 2004, accompanied by his engagement in a certified audit firm.

He has long-term experience in the financial audits of international companies,  public listed companies including group corporations due to German GAAP/ IFRS and small-medium sized companies (SME’s) in a wide range of industries such as trade,
manufacturing, service and distribution.

He gives dedicated tax advice in terms of tax compliance and tax declarations.

The advisor was employed as Team Leader and Senior Executive until the year 2002. He was Partner of an international networked audit firm based in Frankfurt a. M. (Germany) from 2003 to 2005. He joined the multinational audit firm Roedl & Partner at the location in Thailand in 2008. Since 2010 he is self-employed and practicing with a professional branch, actually based in Frankfurt am Main.

He is either a practicing member of the Chamber of Public Accountants in Berlin and of the Institute of Certified Tax Consultants in Frankfurt am Main.  

Quality Assurance - System (QS)

The advisor has implemented a Quality Assurance - System (actual version: QS 69.7 from December 18, 2022) in compliance with the professional guidelines, which also comprises measurements related to german money laundering act. QS also includes a modul of "Communication Management"; click here: xls  

Values, Philosphy and Culture

The advisor is distinct from the large audit firms. My commitment is aimed to benefit comprehensively the clients in person by using short and efficient communication ways as well as to deal with his business concerns in respect of valuable results.  He am available if you need the support.

Quality Assurance as stated in my tailored Documentation is a crucial part of his work philosophy. It may comprise organization and administrative procedures, professional policies as well as a resonable Risk Evaluation, which also implies the "KYC" - know your clients - factor. The  adviser / clients relationship is stipulated in the 'Terms of Service'.    

The advisor is strongly committed to follow Ethical and Morale principles and may expect that the business relations are in compliance with the said values.