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Is a fast growing sector all over the world. Reiner may follow this devolopment by using electronic tools related to the processing and communication.


RM - system 

Bookkeeping ist the starting point for a risk-/ process based advisor approach. To view this program, please click here: pdf

Tax (e-filing)

The German tax authorities claim electronic tax filings and 'E-Bilanz' submissions.

Reiner renders a professional service for individuals and corporations by electronic filing of the tax return  regardless you are living. The German tax declaration can be processed only in a few steps and filed by using a password protected security certificate. Transmission reports including data protcol may be instantly provided.   


Bookkeeping (Online)

You can establish an Internet executed bookkeeping and authorise the advisor for joining the working platform.  We can either agree the scope of work and how to share the task. You can get experience to handle more efficiently your accounts and to control your business operations just learning from my expertise. In the long-term, you can reduce my contribution in favour to your extended engagement as
well as deduct the external consulting fee. You can call my professional input from case to case.

Please visit our Collmex - Team Portal under webaccounting

Start now to go new accounting ways…


Audit (e–operations)

You need an advice, a second opinion, certificate or review report in regards to a planned investment. We can work together regardless your location.

After sending your enquiry and setting up an Engagement Letter we can shortly hold a kick off meeting in person, via Skype (chat) or telephone call to discuss all crucial aspects of your needs.  In case of agreeing the written order of assignment we can proceed to provide me the information and documents such as financial statements, business plans, appraisal etc. by Email and /or allowing access todata room.

The confidentiality of the received information may be assured by the strict General Terms and Conditions for Auditor and Audit Firms. Integrity and Professionalism are granted by my status as an official registered German Public Auditor.