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German Taxation for Pensioners abroad

Pensioners, who are resident in Thailand and at all living abroad, are basically due to German taxation resulting from their retiring income, acquired at the source in Germany.

Since last year the German tax office is keen to claim tax declarations, starting from the fiscal year 2005. In case that the concerned double tax treaties will be regarded as in favour to the German tax target, German pensioners may expect to receive mail from the  FINANZAMT  NEUBRANDENBURG. Considering that the tax authorities are in possession of all relevant data for the related processing, they are enabled to control in real time the correctness of the tax returns as filed from the tax payer. If you have been recently contacted by the German tax office, situated in Neubrandenburg or another tax office in Germany, please feel free to submit your enquiry.

I will shortly response and advice you how to deal with the tax matter. The initially needed questionnaire form my site can be downloaded HERE: pdf
also as file for filling:xls

Furthermore I can prepare the required personal income tax return (please see under menu eConsulting).


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